How AXJ works

After reading this page, you should know everything you need to know about how AXJ works, why you should sign up and how to get started. But before we get into all of that, here’s a short video to help explain how it all works.


Who we are?

Alexanderxjohn is your new and innovative online fashion marketplace built to showcase and support new and emerging brands and vendors.  So whether it be edgy streetwear or fancy formalwear, bursting with print and pattern or taking it back to basics, whatever your style we have a place for your uniqueness.

Making it online

People are reaching to online sources for their clothing more than ever before. The online fashion market is booming and there is no better time for your business to shine.

So we help you with not only a landing page to showcase and sell your merchandise but we bring additional new customers who may not be aware of you yet. So remember, awareness is key and what’s old to some, is completely new to many.


The market is yours

Our company aims to represent all brands equally giving you the walkway to mainstream success that you may not otherwise be able to find. Working with smaller and emerging brands allows us to have the range and diversity of clothing that is needed in today’s fast paced and ever-changing world of fashion.

Why AXJ?

Your brand and vison might be unique but the challenges you’ll most likely face are not. So we provide some additional help and support to avoid some of the common pitfalls like sourcing reputable manufactures, videographers, marketing, web development and so forth to give you the best fighting chance moving forward.

That level of support alone sets us aside from the likes of other online marketplaces, so the opportunity to be represented by us cannot be missed. Working with us is hassle free because unlike leading companies in the field, we offer to represent you at no cost, Yes you can live on our site without the worry of subscription and listing fees! You can remain there, whether you are selling on a wide scale or it takes a little time to get the push you need, with the piece of mind that there will be no costs to deal with later besides a small percentage of whatever items are sold on our platform.

We’re simply hear to help forward fashion, with the fashion forward so together we can achieve the unachievable!

Step 1: Simply sign up

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for an account with AXJ as a normal user, before upgrading your account to a Vendor account. If you’ve been given the link to this page, you’re one of our VIP early access users, so you can start your registration now by using the form below.

Step 2: Become a Vendor

Once you’ve registered an account, your application will be reviewed quickly. Without waiting for weeks to be fully approved, we’ll get your account activated quickly so you can start selling fast! Someone from our team will get in touch if we need to so you can sit back and relax.

Step 3: Start selling!

With your new account set up as a Vendor, you’ll be able to start selling soon. Simply head over to the Vendor Dashboard, complete your profile by filling in a few important bits of information such as payment information, company name and log. Now you can start to upload your products and sell!

Signing up could not be easier.
Create your account NOW and uncover the new world of fashion!


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