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Question? Have you gone out somewhere feeling and looking special in your outfit but then saw a few people in the exact same thing? How did that make you feel? I’m guessing it wasn’t great.

Now, have you also been out feeling and looking special but this time people have actually stopped you with compliments and asked where your got your garments from? How did that make you feel? Big difference right?

Well with Alexanderxjohn we aim to replicate that feeling with every purchase.

For Alexanderxjohn is an online fashion marketplace built to showcase and support new and emerging brands and vendors and make it a point to stand out for the right reasons in an oversaturated market. So whether it be edgy streetwear or fancy formalwear, bursting with print and pattern or taking it back to basics, whatever your style is we have something for you.

Working with new and emerging brands it allows us to have the range and diversity of clothing that is needed in today’s fast paced and ever-changing world of fashion.
Setting us aside from the likes of other successful online marketplaces, the opportunity to be represented by us cannot be missed. Working with us is hassle free because unlike leading companies in the field, we offer to represent you at no expense at all, Yes, that is completely free! *You can remain on our site, whether you are selling on a wide scale or it takes a little time to get the push you need, with the piece of mind that there will be no nasty fees to deal with later.

We’re simply hear to help forward fashion, with the fashion forward so together we can achieve the unachievable!


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